Fitting Guide & Warranty

95% of Turbocharger failure is down to the charge system's supporting components failing. Here is a guide to help prevent future problems with your turbocharger vehicle. Once an engineer here at The Turbo Unit ltd has inspected your turbocharger, We can help point you towards the failed supporting component.  

Listed below are some of the most common components we recommend to replace or inspect & clean. 


  • new oil feed pipe
  • new oil return pipe
  • replace engine oil
  • replace oil filter
  • test oil pressure
  • test oil pump
  • clean/new oil pick up pipe
  • clean sump
  • flush engine
  • clean/new EGR valve
  • clean boost pipes
  • clean intercooler
  • check for boost leaks in the turbocharger system
  • check/replace catalytic converter
  • check/replace Diesel particulate filter
  • check exhaust for leaks
  • replace crank case breather filter
  • clean/new air filter


Warranty claim

Our warranty terms & conditions are to help your turbochargers life span. 


We recommend the above list is followed step by step, this is to prevent near future failures within your turbocharger system. All our reconditioned units come with a 12 to 18 month warranty depending on the type of turbocharger. Our new units come with a manufacturer 12 month warranty, if a failure presents its self within this period the turbocharger will need to be sent back to the manufacturer. Please allow up to 14 days for a decision to be made.


Complete in house service: If The Turbo Unit ltd has the motor vehicle here at our premises, our warranty covers parts & labour, including vehicle recovery. Belongs the turbocharger has failed due to defect.


Turbocharger recondition drop off service: If our team only recondition the turbocharger, we cannot be held responsible for incorrect fitting via a third party or yourself. We only cover the turbochargers components, not labour, recovery or customers loss of earnings. 


Bespoke turbochargers: Once a bespoke turbocharger is fitted the ECU must be reprogrammed to suit the new volume of air being drawn in to the engine. If you do not do this and drive with these conditions, the engine can run lean due to the air and fuel mixture not being correct. This can cause premature turbocharger failure or even engine failure. All our bespoke builds must be set up correctly by a reputable engine tuning company, failure to do so can lead to invalidated warranty.


We state our policy clearly and explain in great detail before any work is carried out at our premises.


If you would like further information on our warranty terms and conditions please give a member of our team a call. 



Warranty does not cover Labour, vehicle recovery & vehicle hire. We only cover the turbocharger. By buying a turbocharger from us you are entering this agreemeant.     

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