Bespoke Turbochargers

At The Turbo Unit we pride ourselves in developing the best bespoke units in the tuning industry. Our turbocharger engineers work at a very high standard & take the greatest care with all our bespoke units.

  All machine work is done via a CNC, alongside our high speed balancing machine to ensure that all units are perfectly balanced upto 150k rpm @ 0.5g's. 


Our team have been in the motor trade and turbocharger industry for many years, & have built some fantastic units from 150bhp to 700bhp+ turbochargers.

  We can build your turbocharger to support your needs, if its low down torque, top end hp or even all round power we can help assist you to achieve this out come. 


Please give our friendly team a call or email.








        Audi S4 / RS4 B5 bespoke turbochargers 

We offer a wide range of bespoke turbochargers for the B5 platform. K03 bespoke builds to all out k16 turbine wheels in k04 housings. Proven hp starts from 415hp to 750hp. 

 All our units are fitted and machined with the highest quality of components. 


We can offer you brand new units or we can use your exsiting turbochargers, please call or email us for further details. Please state your spec and use of vehicle, So a member of our team can direct you towards the correct turbocharger setup. 

Audi RS3/ TTRS bespoke turbo

Our latest devloped bespoke turbocharger for the Audi rs3 8p/ 8v pfl & TTRS. The turbocharger has been fully devloped and puts out 510ps+ with torque figures of 815nm. This turbocharger has an amazing spool and reaches 280ps by 3k rpm. This is the fastest spooling bespoke turbocharger on the market, and has outstanding mid range torque. Horse power is not the answer to everything on the road!


We can use your original turbocharger to convert into our bespoke unit, for £1999.98inc vat with 12 months warranty. We can also remove the turbocharger from your car, please call for quotes.

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