ECU Remapping

We have a number of ECU tuning options for many types of vehicles,ranging from ecu remaps to all out custom performance remaps.We pride ourselves in being the best in our field, we have exprience in custom tuning hybrid turbochargers to switchable maps with water meth injection kits.


​With all DSG models you will benefit from our upgrade, you will have smoother and faster gear changes across the rev range, Removes the DSG kick down to give full control when in manual mode(the gearbox will no longer change gear on its own) this upgrade really compliments our performance ECU remaps. This also unleashes extra torque for your engine and allows to up the clamping force on the clutch plates.



All remaps come with a FREE health check before we do any type of tuning to ensure the engine & surrounding components are in a healthy condition. 


Audi rs6 c7 remap

Audi rs6 c7 stage 1 remap. this is truely a work of art, the amazing performance from this v8 twin turbocharged engine. Dyno run showed 708ps with 996nm at the flywheel. 

Audi RS3 8p 

stage 1 tune, dyno plot showed 405hp and 622nm at the flywheel. This is our project car and aiming for over 500hp and 700nm in the coming months. please keep posted for updates on facebook and instagram. 

Audi rs4 B5

Audi rs4 b5, made just over 500hp with 522ft lbs. The set up was built and tuned by ourselves. We used water meth injection and custom tuned it with switchable maps. 

Audi s4 b5 

Audi s4 b5, came in stock form and left with 486hp and 502ft lbs. The set up is our stage 2 bespoke k04 turbochargers, 550cc ev14 injectors, 044 fuel pump with our custom bracket, fmic & a custom tune. Massive difference from 260hp. 

Audi rs3 8v pfl 

Audi rs3 8v, stock power output is 365ps. This model vehicle ran 510ps & 815nm at the fywheel with our full performance package. spec sheet- TTU510s hybrid turbocharger, forge cooler, forge DV, hpfp upgrade, gutted downpipe, decat & a custom tune to suit.  ful weight car runs 11.05 1/4mile 

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